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Diet Meals Customized for Your Needs

At Z.E.N. Foods, the question that we seek to provide a solution for is "What would you like to achieve?" Your plans for good health are our basic guide to delivering diet meal programs that will help you attain the healthy lifestyle you desire. We believe this is what sets us apart from other companies that offer a diet food delivery service in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas.

Thanks to our expertise n delivering tailored diet programs, Z.E.N. Foods is the diet food delivery service Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara and Riverside County residents now prefer. We offer our clients and customers only the healthiest, most nutritious, and balanced meals available.

Revolutionary Diet Meal Delivery Services

Americans have been using the kind of diet food delivery services Los Angeles and the surrounding areas have to offer for decades - what makes our programs different?

  • Nutritionists & Dietitians - Our programs invovle nutritionists and dietitians that are experts in only the latest and most effective dietary practices. Nutrition is a science that is continuously developing - we help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Customized Solutions - Why settle for the everyday basic diet food delivery services Los Angeles has come to know when you can customize your own diet program? Choose from a comprehensive list of program benefits that you want integrated to your diet.
  • Convenience - We provide solutions like the Z.E.N. Cleanse Program that deliver maximum results with minimum effort! Our website allows you to simply order online. Tell us what you need, and we'll take care of the rest!

Our Promise to Clients and Customers: Fresh and Healthy Food, Delivered Daily

Our food delivery service in Los Angeles and other nearby areas ensures that you get your meals fresh every day, in an insulated bag that maintains freshness all day long.

Check out the various programs that we offer below and see what will best help you achieve your goals:

Weight Loss Program

Z.E.N. Weight Loss Program

Struggling with your weight? It really is all about portion control. Combine that with the proper balance of healthy carbohydrates, mono-unsaturated fats and lean proteins and you have the perfect prescription for weight loss. At Z.E.N. Foods, our dietician and nutritionist will create a program to help you achieve your goals effortlessly...

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Classic Program for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Z.E.N. Classic Program

Finding it hard to keep up with the latest healthy eating fad? Nutrition is always evolving. In order to stay ahead of the curve we go beyond the basics by keeping it not only healthy and balanced, but adding variety to prevent boredom. This is what makes healthy eating a joy rather than a chore. Z.E.N. Foods takes away the guesswork and creates a healthy and delicious experience for you to enjoy every day!

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Vegetarian Select Program

Z.E.N. Vegetarian Select Program

You now have the freedom to select healthy, nutritious meals that are plant based and full of fiber, protective phyto-nutrients and the anti-inflammatory ingredients...

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Family Dinner for a Family of 2 or up

Z.E.N. Family Dinner Program

Z.E.N. Family Dinner Program offers healthy delicious meals at affordable prices. It's perfect for busy families who would love to save an hour or two a day that would otherwise be spent grocery shopping, cooking and then cleaning your kitchen...

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Rejuvenate Pure Pressed Juice Cleanse Program

Z.E.N. Pure Pressed Juice Cleanse

Z.E.N. Pure Pressed juices combine powerful natural ingredients that help your body reset, restore and revitalize. The healing ingredients that are in each bottle of juice are fresh, organic and locally sourced. Each bottle provides you with a variety of nutritious and delicious juices that will inspire you to continue with healthier eating habits. 3 juice cleanse program are available...

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