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Eat Gourmet, Calorie Controlled Meals and Get in Shape with Zero Effort!

Healthy, Delicious Diet Meal Delivery

Get In Shape for Summer... with Zero Effort!

  • Menu designed by top dietitians & nutritionists
  • Meals customized to individual dietary needs
  • Enjoy tremendous health benefits
  • Full of anti-aging superfoods and antioxidants
  • Free of trans-fats, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives
  • Nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled
  • Freshly cooked and delivered to your doorstep daily
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Chris Bauer uses Z.E.N. to lose the unwanted pounds.
Chris Bauer
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Shannon Tweet used Z.E.N. Foods to get ready for her wedding.
Shannon Tweed
"Z.E.N. Foods is so convenient and helps keep me on track"
Zac Eforn used Z.E.N. to gain lean muscle.
Zac Efron
"Z.E.N. Foods helped me gain lean muscle for my role..."
Haylie Duff loved the food and will do it for every film
Haylie Duff
"Z.E.N. Foods makes eating healthy so easy"
Carrie Ann Moss uses Z.E.N. Foods to lose her baby weight.
Carrie Ann Moss
"Z.E.N. has helped me so much to lose the last of my baby weight."

Lose up to 20 lbs in 1 month easily with "Zero Effort" Diet Meal Delivery!

Enjoy more variety and flavors with Z.E.N. Foods' meal delivery service, delivered to your door daily!
Z.E.N., or "Zero Effort Nutrition," gathers all of nature’s goodness, creates clean, healthy and delicious meals tailored to fit your dietary needs, and brings this bounty straight to your table. No more shopping, washing, slicing, chopping, cooking or cleaning. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle is now virtually effortless!

Each day you’ll receive a Z.E.N. Foods cooler bag containing freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert delivered right to your doorstep. Just open your bag, enjoy delicious clean food and lose weight, with Zero Effort!

Available Diet Delivery Programs

Programs Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program
Classic Program
Classic Program
Z.E.N. Pure Pressed Juice Cleanse
Juice Cleanse Program
Family Dinner Program
Family Dinner Program
Purpose Lose up to 20 lbs in 1 month Convenience and maintenance Dramatic weight loss and Detox Healthy dinner for the whole family
Program Length 7, 20 and 31 days 7, 20 and 31 days 3, 5 and 7 days 5 days or up. Pick and choose what days to receive dinners
Program Benefits Stabilized blood sugar. Decrease in cholesterol levels. Increase in energy. Lose weight effectively. Huge time saver. No thought process required. Maintain healthy lifestyle with zero effort! Organic cold press juice delivered daily to your door for detox and dramatic weight loss. Helping children establish good eating habits. Huge Time Saver. Bring back the family dinner time.
Trial Special Buy 7 days and
get 1 day free.
Buy 7 days and
get 1 day free.
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