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Z.E.N. Foods works with many elite experts and companies to bring you an all-rounded healthy lifestyle. Many of them offers free services or special deals to Z.E.N. Foods Clients. Click on the thumbnail to view more details.

Best of LA

Funded by Dr. Marc Kerner, Dermatique Medical Center for Advanced Skincare, Inc. offers a complete range of skin... more
Dr. Gu

Dr. Hua Gu recieved his medical degree in 1980 and practiced as an orthopedic surgeon in the field of integrated... more


Pamela Lee and Torie Lee, Certified Endermologie® Technicians and owners of Body Care Professionals, offer their... more

Equinox is a luxury fitness company. It aims at delivering a high-end experience to health & fitness and... more
Fitness is Art

Fitness Is Art, a family-owned boutique fitness center in Burbank, is different. Way different. Fitness is Art... more

Gunnar Peterson
Gunnar Peterson is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes... more
Hollywood Grooming
Hollywood Grooming, a family-owned and operated business, has been providing pet grooming since 2000. As the... more
Johnathan Gale

Celebrity hair colorist Johnathan Gale's passion is restoring hair to elevate your crown and glory - "its a... more

Kimberly Zimmerman

A holistic health coach, yoga instructor and health food consultant with a rich background in juicing, holistic... more

A Z.E.N partner and produce supplier, Melissa's, is currently the largest distributor of specialty produce in the... more
Plastic Surgeons Los Angeles

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery is home to award-winning and double board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Steven Svehlak and... more

Very Computer Inc.

VC Inc. Technicians can provide complete Online and in-Home/Office Technical support for all issues and errors that... more

YogaWorks is a privately held chain of twenty-three yoga studios located throughout California and New York City.... more

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  • Add Exercise to Your Day
    Find something active that you like to do and add it to your day, just like you would add healthy greens, blueberries or salmon.
  • Reduce Trans fats Intake
    They can be found in vegetable shortenings, some margarines, crackers, candies, cookies, snack foods, fried foods, baked goods, and other processed foods made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.
  • Reduce Saturated fats from your diet
    They can be found primarily in animal sources including red meat and whole milk dairy products.
  • Fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables
    They are low in calories and nutrient dense, which means they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

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