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Diet Food Delivery in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange County & Other Areas

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Weight Loss Program
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Classic Program for Your Healthy Lifestyle
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Z.E.N. Los Angeles food delivery service does all the work for You:

Delicious and Nutritious Superfoods

Z.E.N., or "Zero Effort Nutrition," only uses the highest quality ingredients when creating each meal. While other diet food delivery services in Los Angeles provide food, Z.E.N. goes the extra mile to create a total experience for you. Daily, our chefs prepare incredible menus that contain a variety of the freshest and most exciting ingredients. The menus reflect the most recent research on wellness and healthy eating combined with a variety of foods rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatories and are highly nutritious food that makes you feel great from the very first day.

Getting Z.E.N. diet food delivery is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle choice. Making your life easy is just the beginning. With our premier Los Angeles service you enjoy:

Convenience -

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can be difficult while juggling work, school and family obligations. We do the calorie counting for you and provide you with portion controlled dishes that will entice you to stick with the program.
Nutritional consultants and dietitians work with you to create a food program to suit your needs with zero effort.

Variety -

When you hear “diet food” you may think of bland flavorless food. Z.E.N. Foods chefs are trained to create menus that include an array of food from every corner of the earth. Spices from Morrocco and India, fragrant leaves from Thailand, combined with the freshest and most seasonal fruits and vegetables and locally sourced proteins, Z.E.N. Foods changes the nature of diet food and brings you instead food that fuels your body and energizes your senses. We meticulously prepare meals for Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and other nearby areas and deliver straight to your door.

Positive Results -

Let’s face it, Results matter. Z.E.N. Foods is a lifestyle. When you make that decision to eat well, it shows and you want it to show. We design our menus with the most important
thing in mind: YOU. Your wellbeing, your reflection in the mirror and how you feel about yourself - it is just as important to us. We all want to feel our very best and face each day feeling strong, satisfied and ready to take on our day. Read other satisfied clients testimonials and share your experience with us as well. Become one of the hundreds of satisfied clients and join us to experience the premiere food delivery service of Los Angeles.

Each day you will receive a Z.E.N. Foods cooler bag containing the freshest food. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snack. Dessert. All delivered straight to your doorstep. Open your bag. Begin a new experience and see the incredible results with Zero Effort Nutrition.

Z.E.N. Foods is a healthy diet food delivery service in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Lancaster, San Diego and many more surrounding areas. See our delivery area.!

Call (310) 205-9368 today for more info or to order!
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Zac Eforn used Z.E.N. to gain lean muscle.
Zac Efron
"Z.E.N. Foods helped me gain lean muscle for my role..."
Shannon Tweet used Z.E.N. Foods to get ready for her wedding.
Shannon Tweed
"Z.E.N. Foods is so convenient and helps keep me on track"
Ashley Hamilton used Z.E.N. Foods while getting in shape for his role in the new Marvel comics blockbuster film.
Ashley Hamilton
"Z.E.N. Foods is so convenient and helps keep me on track"
Vanessa says Z.E.N. Foods tastes GREAT
Vanessa Hudgens
"Z.E.N. Foods tastes GREAT and makes it so easy to eat right"
Chris Bauer uses Z.E.N. to lose the unwanted pounds.
Chris Bauer
"Z.E.N. Foods helped me lose those last few unwanted pounds!"
Amy Lynn Grover praises Z.E.N. Cleanse as one of the easiest cleanse she's ever done
Amy Lynn Grover
"The Z.E.N. cleanse is one of the easiest cleanses I've ever done"
Nia Long loves Z.E.N. Pure Pressed Juice Cleanse
Nia Long
"I've tried other juice cleanses and Z.E.N. is by far THE BEST!"
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